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February 3, 2020

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What's COGY? (Healthcare point of view)

February 11, 2020

COGY, pedal wheelchair, gives people with walking difficulties the opportunities to move lower limbs by themselves, where there is not many other options. This equipment has a set of pedals. User has to pedal without electric, yet with little strength.





Usage options:

-hospital use for inpatients/outpatients

-individual home use (inside/outside/community)

-shared use by community based services (home visit care etc)

-shared use at public (libraries, community centres, schools etc)

-shared use at commercial environment (rental, shopping mall etc) 



Direct financial effect:

-Improve the motivation of patients towards rehabilitation.

-Less supervision will be required compared to walking with stick/walking frame etc, therefore will be able to save the manpower(inpatient/outpatient) and patient will be able to commit the rehabilitation safer.

-Improve the rehabilitation results and shorten their stay (inpatient), shorten their period till discharged (outpatient), will increase the opportunity of them going back to society (home).

-Improve the rehabilitation results and will reduce the required care after discharged (inpatient), will reduce the required care at home (outpatient/home)

-Improve the rehabilitation results and reduce the risk of secondary conditions, such as osteoporosis, cardio-vascular problem, obesity etc.

-Reduce the frustration of the people with mobility issues and the mental health related cost.



As a rehabilitation tool:

-Extreme amount of repetition will be enabled by COGY exercise, which especially promotes neuroplasticity for people with neurological conditions (stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury etc)

-COGY’s mechanical design allows only 500g of weight to start the motion (when user is not on), so that even people who cannot stand on their feet are able to pedal COGY.

-Pedal design(heel, straps etc) is well fit to people with little control on their feet. 

-COGY’s frame is designed to allow users posture to effectively stimulate spinal cord’s walking CPG, therefore users’ legs engages to the motion even though the legs are paralysed.



COGY will be beneficial to conditions below:

-Post stroke patients, spinal cord injury patients (inpatient/outpatient/home)

-Most of the post surgery recovery (inpatient)

-Maintenance of the lower limbs ability for people with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis etc. (mainly outpatient/home)

-Exercise for people with Alzheimers’, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, in the hope of slowing down the progress of their conditions (mainly at home)

-People with obesity etc, so that they can safely exercise without causing too much pressure on their joint (mainly home/outpatient) (eg. green prescription)



As for adjustability:

-there are 3 different sizes in base-structure.

-Handle unit can be attached either right or left side.

-Cushions (bottom/back rest) are easily replaceable in case particularly designed cushion is required.

-back rest and seat structure is composed with adjustable velcro straps, which makes whole equipment adjustable to users’ size difference.




As for mobility:

-COGY is designed for incline/decline of up to 8 degrees.

-COGY has 3 assist wheels for anti-tipping, which allows users safely and comfortably ride over curbs.

-COGY is designed for pivot turn, which makes this equipment very manoeuvrable.


As for transportability:

-easily fit into a boot of hatch-back style vehicles to bring with at community based care.

-light weight. less than 20kg.

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