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February 3, 2020

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WACC regular outing - Jan 2020

January 18, 2020



Our regular outing was at Hobsonville point wharf, on a Saturday early afternoon.

We usually meet up at 2pm.

Market is on at the place on Saturdays, closing at 2pm.

Then, we decided to meet up at 1pm instead, to enjoy a bit of festive air.


This market is very much organised. They are open on other days of the week, too.

delicious looking food, nice smell, people’s happy face with yummy food. I love this.


My intention was ice cream from the ice-cream stand. I went on the queue, waited for a while, next is my turn, and my phone started to ring.


“ Hi, Are you Koko? Where are you? We came to try COGY”.

I gave up ice cream and met a family with 13yo girl with probably brain injury.

She was sitting on rear seat of their car nicely, means, her posture control is pretty good.


As I thought, she did extremely well on COGY straight away.

I guided her for about 3 meters, then she started to pedal by herself.

“can you pedal backward please?” No problem for her it was.

Her mum and dad were very impressed with her performance.


But even more impressing to me was, her mother’s direction control from behind the chair. With rear assistive stick, we have to turn the handle to left in order to turn right. Just like the fork trolley at supermarket storage. She did it really well from the beginning of this trial.


The family went to enjoy walkway, and came back.

“I think we’d better go” they said and were ready to finish the ride.

But, the girl had a different intention.

“um, she wants to stay on it more..” her mum translated for me.

then I said in my mind “Yus!”.  I love seeing this happens.

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