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February 3, 2020

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School Age and COGY - How to arrange M size COGY for S+ size users.

November 17, 2019

We visited The Ponds School. 8 students tried COGY. Most of them are COGY-size-wise in between S and M. Their body and limbs are big and long, but because of the stiffness etc, their foot sometimes don’t reach the pedal.


I discovered the common way of arranging M size COGY for users who are not quite big enough for M size.




-loosen the velcro straps under the seat to make the seat sink down, as much as possible. >> bottom will be closer to pedals


-back rest extra cushion, firm material. 5-15cm thick

-another velcro strap for frame, to add another 5cm in front of the seat >> more space to sit forward on the seat.

-L size cushion on M size COGY, to make the seat longer to forward. >> same as above

-crotch belt >> so that they will never slip out of the seat.


-when arranging extra cushions on the back, use wide sponge cushion on closest layer to their back, to wrap their body for extra stability, and secure with chest belt.

-heel straps >> feet won’t come off easily




COGY has 3 sizes, S M L.

I’ve been thinking, S has much shorter life to be used by one person, compared to M and L. People grow up.

It would be great if government, charity bodies, schools etc own S size COGYs and lease out to children who benefit from it. This way, the families do not have to purchase COGY (potentially) only for a few years. It is great for both families (energy, fund, storage) and environment (less waste), and also for local economy I assume.

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