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February 3, 2020

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Children’s Hospitals in NSW

November 16, 2019

There are 3 Public Children’s Hospitals in NSW.

COGY visited them.


At one of them, they had a boy (their patient) who they think would enjoy COGY.

Alex, 12yo, very tall. In my eyes, he seems to have had a brain injury. He cannot talk, but communicate using hand gesture etc.


First, I showed him what it is, how to use COGY.


Next, we guided him on COGY.

Well, I don’t remember much because it was so easy.

He knew what to do from the moment he sat on COGY.

One of those people who was born for COGY, like Maui.






What surprised me most was the reaction of hospital staff (therapists).


“Is that possible to have this equipment here, so that we can try on various patients, and if they want theirs, they will apply for funding”

me “um, don’t we need any paper work? like, doesn’t it have to be registered as government’s property?”

therapist “?? what?  um, as long as it’s free, we don’t need anything. we are happy to sign if you have any format, though”


This is very different from my experience in Auckland. 


Let’s say, we want to leave COGY on a property of City council, for example in a community centre. We cannot. Everything inside the property has to have been recorded accordingly. It’s OK if I bring in COGY and people try there in front of me, but leaving the equipment there at a premise of public sectors are not allowed.


on this 1 week Sydney trip, I almost forgotten that Australia is another country and need passport. However, seems lots of huge differences are there.

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