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February 3, 2020

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WACC at Te Manawa 2

October 12, 2019



After pedalling a while on the ground floor of Te Manawa, we started to want to explore more. I heard before, that they have a garden terrace on top level. We decided to go find it out. 


We took a lift, which is totally COGY friendly, to the top level. Wow, yes, we can see the terrace. Where is the “entrance” to the terrace? A lady who was having a lunch break there told us, “that’s the entrance but it’s locked. We don’t unlock it unless specially planned event, for safety and security reasons”.  Alright.. So we cannot go out.. “How long are you guys wanna go out?” “Un, probably just to see what it is like?” Guess what, the lady unlocked the door for us!  “We won’t leave it unlocked, someone has to always supervise, here you go”  Wow, what a privilege. We said “thank you” with no hesitation, and got outside.


It was windy day. But interestingly, the fence blocks all the unpleasant wind and we only felt refreshing breeze. The view from the top of Te Manawa was great. On one side we see lots of vehicles on the main road which all the boys love, the other side seems to be still on finishing touch of development, with wetlands.


I am sure, we were there for longer than “just to see”. The lady came out and talked to us, “Hi, how are you guys doing here?”. Time to wrap up. Thank you very much for giving us such an opportunity!


The lady talked to us, “what is the machine you are on? I’m curious because my sister’s partner has a condition and he’ll be on a wheelchair soon”. We exchanged information about COGY, and about therapy methods for neurological conditions. We had a great time. We hope, the lady had a great time, too.


If you join WACC, you may (or may not) experience something special for us ;-)

WACC at Te Manawa 1

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