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February 3, 2020

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WACC at Te Manawa 1

October 12, 2019

West Auckland COGY Club regular meeting was held at Te Manawa (the library building) in Westgate.




We were 2 COGY riders and supporters. We started “warming up” on the ground floor. 1 of the riders was Harry. To be short, Harry did amazingly this time.


It was more than 2 years ago when Harry first pedalled COGY. Pedalled? Or not? Harry has cerebral Palsy, with strong spasticity on his limbs. Though Harry is quite tall, his knees were almost solid in 90 degrees angle, like when he sit on his chair. Therefore, his legs didn’t quite reach the pedals, especially when the pedal is on the furthest position. His bottom kept on sliding forward as he tried hard to reach the pedal. 


We didn’t want Harry to slip out of the seat. Then I made a special crotch belt (we sometimes call this superman belt, as the belt looks similar to superman pants, the black part), to keep his bottom position from sliding forward (or even if it slides forward, at least it won’t slip out.) Harry tried COGY with this special superman belt for a few times.




It was July when Harry tried COGY last time. He usually cannot pedal COGY for more than 15 minutes. His knees usually have enough. Or sometimes his ankles. But in July, he kept on his COGY for more than 1 hour.

Not only that. He usually uses 1 or 2 cushions on his back, to make the seat shallower, so that he can reach the pedals. But that time, he reached the pedals without cushions. Even more, we saw the potential he could reach more, with bigger COGY. Because of the “legs do not stretch” issue, Harry used M size till then, instead of L size.


This time, Harry pedalled L size. He still had superman belt on. But he did not have any cushion on his back. 

I was not 100% sure if he would be OK. I still had a feeling, his legs would not reach the pedal. But, all those are proved to be wrong. He did way better than OK, pedalled all around the library, no problem for almost 1 hour? . Harry usually have problem keeping the feet up. He did not have that problem neither.


Harry’s mum also pointed, “Harry is not even leaning on side today”. Yes, this used to be another issue on him, when he pedals COGY. His upper body keeps on leaning to his right side. We tried so many different solution and none of them worked great so far. Today, he didn’t need anything. He just stayed straight on COGY.


Another comment his mum made is “Harry is getting better and better on standing frame these days, with his knees much more straightened than before.” According to her, he goes on standing frame every morning. Wheelchair bounded, it takes effort to make standing posture routine every day. Their efforts surely are showing an outcomes.


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