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February 3, 2020

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Caster wheels are important.

September 30, 2019

If the caster wheels are damaged, this will annoy your pedalling, too.

when you pedal over dented surface, you will more likely get stuck onto the dent, instead of riding over them enjoying the noise and bumping shock.




Checking the caster wheels


1)Is the horizontal spin smooth? 

(if no, clean and oil and try again)

2)Is the vertical spin smooth? 

(if no, clean and oil and try again)



3)are the bearing balls tidily lined? 

(if no, contact Koko (gocogy@gmail.com) for caster replacement)






This video is an example of good horizontal spin.


This video is an example of poor horizontal spin.






Caster damage


If you keep on using COGY with poorly conditioned caster wheels,

caster wheels themselves may get damaged.




1)caster gets dirt. bearing balls get dirt.





​2)Horizontal spin becomes jerky.



3)in case of tips/banging to wall etc, caster do not absorb the impact by horizontal spin, and shafts may bend.


4) some of the bearing balls may get squashed etc, making the horizontal spin even worse.













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