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February 3, 2020

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Tyres need good pressure

September 30, 2019

If you feel steering is harder than usual, tyre may be getting flat.


There are 3 sizes in COGY line-up, L M S.

Each model has 3 inflated wheels, 2x front, 1x rear.

Find the correct pressure for each tyre in the table below.




The rear tyre of M and S size models is very tricky to inflate,

because the stem and spoke are very close to each other.





This pump worked best so far.

(available from Bunnings Warehouse for about NZD15)



If you do not have Bunnings Warehouse in your area, 

try with a pump with simple and basic structure.







If you still find it difficult to inflate, tip over COGY so that there is no pressure from gravity onto the tube.



In order not to loose the air in the tube after inflating, pull up the pump head off while releasing the lever.




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