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February 3, 2020

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West Auckland COGY Club outing at Westgate

August 5, 2019

Pak n Save is one of COGY’s favourite places. Wide isles, lots of things to look around, wide carpark, accessible environment.


WACC (West Auckland Cogy Club) had a regular outing at Pak n Save in Westgate. (We were going to have the outing at Hobsonville point costal walkway, but weather was not clear, then we decided to go to Pak n Save instead)


Miro, one of the core members of WACC, had a mission. Choose sausages for dinner. 


For those who do not know Miro, he seems not to have communication skill. Actually he does. He looks at the direction he wants to go, he indicates yes and no by subtle body movement, he understands everything we say, he choose which option to choose by looking at it.


Miro’s mum always let him choose. “Which sausages do you want, this one or this one?” with 2 packages on hands. Miro looks at one of them, then that’s his choice.




People may have thought, Miro was pedalling by himself, or I was pushing him from behind. Both are right. Miro cannot pedal all by himself. He needs a push. But also, I, as a person who is pushing his COGY from behind, can tell, if he is pedalling or not. When he stops pedalling, pushing job gets suddenly heavier.


At the beginning, my pushing job was rather hard. Whenever we stuck, I make rocking movement (back-forth) to make momentum. By the time we found sausages, Miro’s pedalling was very smooth, and he even made a full 1 step (pedal) all by himself.


Another thing I found is, on COGY we can see rider’s expression better. probably because COGY has rather open structure. This means less posture support. For those who needs full posture support, COGY may be recreation/exercise option. That case, why not enjoying the freedom of “self posture control” while on COGY?


I was also curious with the expression on other shoppers faces. Miro was happiest ever I know him, big smile on his face all the time. many shoppers gave nice smile back to us. Some of the shoppers were not familiar with Miro’s type of condition. Some young kids followed us with very curious look. What can I say to these young people so that they know we all have difference? This is a question to solve by the next outing.

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