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February 3, 2020

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Dunedin and COGY

March 30, 2019

This trip was interesting. I encountered many unexpected leads. On our second day (Sunday), before the actual business starts, I was lucky to have met a very inspiring man who had a stroke and his partner, and they gave me lots of important information (who to talk to, where to visit). I had some appointments since before I arrive there, and all of them gave me the second lead. I’m afraid to say, most of the time, the leads people give me are not quite a lead (something I have already tried and found it’s no good to approach, etc). But this time, all of them were fabulous lead, and it lead to another and another.. I was very very lucky this time, to have met so many supportive people.


I found, people are less effected by bureaucracy and commercialism, compared to many of the places I have visited. I guess, it probably means, people are less hurt from commercial, political and diplomatic issues. As a person who straggle with these points, I would love to learn from Dunedin.


Dunedin has lots of hills. Then I was not super keen regarding introduction of COGY. But, of course, supermarket has flat floor, shopping mall has flat floor, it’s same as any other cities. Gyms have flat floor, Clinics/hospitals have flat floor. I cannot make any excuse. 





Places and organisations I visited this time.

-Southern Rehab

-Conductive Education Otago

-ISIS centre

-Disability Information Centre

-Stroke Foundation

-CCS Disability Action

-School of Physiotherapy Clinic, University of Otago

-Sky fitness 24, and Iron Warriors

-Dunedin Community house




Thank you very much for warmly having us.

I’d like to keep my experience of this week in my mind, 

and remember this when I feel unsure.




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