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February 3, 2020

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surf to stadium (fun walk in Dunedin)

March 24, 2019

First of all, COGY met the Ranfurly Shield. COGY was the first. COGY was watching the shield being taken out of the case and put on the table. and asked, “is this for today’s winner?”. The gentleman was very kind not to be annoyed with this ridiculous question and answered, and explained about the shield. Oh, yes, now COGY remember a bunch of big people with Highlander uniform he saw at the airport. COGY took photo with the shield and after that, there became a crowd around the shield and was even hard to approach. How lucky we were.




Inside the stadium were food stalls, air trampoline thing for kids, balloons, as well as shield.


Close to the start time, we did “warming up” together. COGY cannot jump, then just enjoyed the upper body warm up.


After warm-up, we walked to outside, to the start line. Start line was quite far, go outside, walk under the bridge, I thought we were already on the course, but we weren’t. 


And start! COGY made sure to stay on the tail (almost). and found a man with cane, supported by 2 people. COGY is familiar with this type of people, the way the man walks. He seems to have had a stroke. Then COGY talked to him. 


Yes, he had a stroke a while ago, and this was his 2nd time to do this event. Last year, he finished in 1 and half hours. This year, he wants to finish in 50 minutes. Wow. He uses his cane with his left hand. his right arm is always bent, his right leg is not bending, very typical to left brain stroke. Also he cannot speak as much. COGY stayed with him for a while, but realised, it’s better not to distract him, then said bye and went forward.





4km course is a return course. there is a turning point at about 2km. Soon, COGY saw the first runner coming back from the turning point. The first was a young man who looks to be in his 20s, the second was a young boy probably in his primary school age!! “Go! Go and get him!!” COGY cheered him up. many of the leading group (?) were young people in school age. We are always surprised how energetic they are, aren’t we?


COGY enjoyed waving to everyone. I am sure everyone talked about this weird looking chair after the event.


4km course was along “Dunedin liver”. Water view is always nice to have when we walk/pedal/run.



Another person COGY enjoyed conversation with, is a man who was diagnosed with diabetes recently. He started walking etc this new year, and already lost 50kg!! According to him, he feels much easier after losing his weight. He wants to slowly get into jogging, and do the same event on 10km course, by jog. It feels good when we hear other’s happy stories.


Now we can see many cars, people, than 2 mons ago. We are close to finish.


It is said, this event is a great chance to get inside the stadium. COGY did not understand this until returning to stadium and pedalling along the course inside, on the green. There is this feeling, as though “I am a hero!”. It was worth paying $25, which I was not quite happy in the morning before the race.


After the race, it seems almost everyone went to Emerson’s brewery to ease the thirstiness.



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