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February 3, 2020

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Christchurch and COGY

March 7, 2019

I knew since 2 years ago, Christchurch would love COGY. This time we finally made a trip to Christchurch (from Auckland) for a week, and was extremely successful.




Young people with CP.

We visited coffee group of CP society. 5-6 people tried. Some are full time wheelchair users, some walk with sticks. everyone enjoyed. Many of them were there with their carers (instead of their family members). Carers were very busy taking video/photos, so that they can show it to their family.



We visited a gym where stroke classes are held. Instructor appointed some people whom they want to see on COGY. They were all surprised how capable they are on COGY.

We also visited residential facility for people with neurological conditions (St John of God, Hawswell). Many residents after stroke tried. They almost fought for the turn.


Spinal cord injury

We also visited Burwood Hospital which is famous with rehabilitation after spinal cord injury. We had chance to introduce COGY to lead OT, and looking forward to introducing further more.


Somner Beach

We visited Somner beach quite a lot of times during this 1 week. We even tried pedalling on the sand (hard sand), and got wet.

We got too excited and got into “who care” stage, and did not even try running away from the wave. COGY does not use electric, then no worries for braking down. It started to make funny clicking noise, but this also disappeared after washing COGY with hose-splash of water and oiling it again. COGY bumped into Halberg event (surfing day), too. 



Wide and flat land with lots of wheelchair friendly walkway, and wide flat land. City centre are full of wide pedestrian-only street. Parks has plenty of gentle slope, which COGY users (especially beginners) love. I loved pedalling around and finding COGY friendly-ness.



We had a impression that people are more open to new experiences in Christchurch than in Auckland. It may has something to do with the tourist population, it may not. COGY is extremely new concept, then bureacratic mind doesn’t help much when understanding COGY.

We also had a impression that disability support agencies are more keen to know new options, than in Auckland. It probably because there are too many “commercial” suppliers in Auckland (which is very sad) and agencies are all fed up with these.


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