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February 3, 2020

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Round the Bays Auckland 2019 report

March 3, 2019

9am, we met together at start area. some are nervous, some are just excited. 

There were 5 COGY riders. Manuele, Koko, Lance and John from Britomart,

Miro started from Okahu bay, half way point to St Heliers, together with supporters.


At about 9.45am, when the crowd became less, we slowly started. Manuele had a mission in his mind, to finish as fast as possible. He pedalled like a lightning and we lost him in a sec. Koko was too busy chatting with other participant and she was lost, too. Start area was very noisy with loud music. Also VERY crowded. it was not fun for some of us, but that’s OK, things will get easier later on the course.


Once we go across the start line, noise and crowd became much calmer and relaxed. We enjoyed conversation and amusement along the course. For people with walking difficulties, 8.5km can be just a torture. On COGY, they can be relaxed and enjoy the whole event.



There are some family participants. It’s very common scene that the young kids (4-6yo?) get tired and stop walking, while mum wants to go faster to catch up with dad. We saw some family dramas..


Some young people tried baby COGY. They fought for a turn, of course.


We sometimes stopped under the shade. There was not even a cloud on the sky. and not much trees on Tamaki drive. Whenever we found a shade, we went into there. We also had to stop in order to have snack. With one hand always busy steering, we have to stop to use 2 hands and eat.



We found, we have to pedal twice as many rounds as L-COGY, when we pedal XS-COGY. Probably that is why, Koko (on XS COGY) was the slowest in the team. Lance kindly waited for Koko and kept company.



It was not only music which amused us along the course. Water splash, we loved it!




The first 2 km was very long and I was not sure if we can finish within the cut-off. But, last 3-4km was easy for some reason. Probably because of the beautiful view? because of the nicely sealed path? because of less crowd?

Anyway, Koko and Lance finished in 2hours 20 minutes. Manuele finished in 1 hour 50 mins. John finished in just about 1 hour. Miro finished just about the same time as Lance and Koko.


Miro practiced long distance COGYing before the event day, and found it takes him 1 hour to pedal 2km, which is twice of average of others. Then Miro and his supporter (mum) decided to start from the half way point, so that Miro can finish together with others. This was a great idea.


After finish, we enjoyed the fest and say bye to the event venue.

What a nice way of spending a sunny day close to the end of summer.

We all had that good feeling of tiredness.

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