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February 3, 2020

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Thank you for all the support this year.

December 20, 2018


Thank you for all the support this year.


Here is part of the list of people who tried COGY this year (individual names are all anonym).


-Stefan in Auckland (complete spinal cord injury) who extremely kindly tried COGY for me just because I wanted to see.

-Rakatauri in Whangarei who were excited to find a way to exercise.

-Ben(spina bifida) in Whangarei, who really believes in his lower limbs

-Paul in Auckland (partial spinal cord injury) who is going to participate in RTB 2019.

-Michel in Auckland (unknown condition, wheelchair user) who is sure that COGY will help the circulation on his legs.

-Steven in Rotorua (post stroke)

-Mike, Glenys, Aroha, Rangi (post stroke) at Hamilton stroke club

-James and Ellen at Kaikohe stroke club

-Ken, Rose, Chris, John, Milly at New Plymouth stroke club

-Minnie and Brian (CP) at Matamata

-all the children at The Association of Spinal Concern “Show Off day” who managed not to crash to each other on COGYs.

-Ruby, Katie, Fin, Faiz who found me pedalling on Tamaki Drive and talked to me

-Elizabeth, Sheryl, Alex, Harper, Edward, Richard, Warren, Georgia at Oceania Healthcare rest homes in Taupo

-Tina, Sue, Shizu, Devon at Elizabeth knox hospital

-Eddie, Thomas (brain injury) at ABI

-Karen, Betheny, Paul, Bill, Charlie, Rhys, Lauren, Tane, Nick, Peter, Olivia at Halberg Adopted Sports day

-Henry, Gilly, Jenny, William, Amy at Waitakere College

-Manuka, Sevi, Thomas at Central Auckland Specialist School

-Roger and Lance at St Andrews village

-RIchard and Liby at Taupo DHB

-Helen at Auckland DHB, Rangitoto ward

-Michelle and Christine at Taranaki base hospital

-Camilla at Whangarei Hospital

-Gabriella and David at Masterton hospital (Wairarapa DHB)

-Christine and Shirly at Monte Vista rest home in Taupo

-Stella, Huia, Jason, Julian, Maureen, Robert at Kaitaia senior expo

-Rebecca, Emily, Paul, Joseph, Mark, Paula, Hina at Taupo senior expo

-Shige at a rest home in whangarei

-Panui family in Rotorua, who tried COGY and show me beautiful doughnuts.

-Rachel, Chris, Lily, Stephen at Whangarei International day of people with disability event.

-David(post stroke) and Stephanie (arthritis) in Rotorua on the road beside Pak n Save.

-and more ..

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