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February 3, 2020

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Walk 2'Defeat MND (Manuele's view)

November 11, 2018

Koko asked me to participate in the Auckland, Walk 2’Defeat MND in MT. Roskill. I was excited when I read Koko’s txt. Another chance to ride on a COGY! I have Cerebral palsy, but I face similar challenges faced by people with MND, so I was also happy to support the cause.


The walk went along the footpath that went around the War Memorial Park. There were hilly parts which I could manage at the start. We had to go up and down slopes to cross bridges. I had to push harder and pedal faster going up slopes. Then pedal slow and occasionally backwards to control the speed to go down slopes. 


My hand held a good grip on the steering handle for a little more than half of the walk. Eventually my hand got tired then I kept losing my grip. I couldn't steer myself when I got to a tricky hill. So, I got pushed up the narrow path. Occasionally, I suddenly stopped to adjust my grip. This frustrated me during the last half of the walk. My legs were tired when we reached the end of the walk. However, I was more relieved that I can let go of my grip and rest my arm.




I will need to do a lot of training before Round the bays 2019 to strengthen my legs to endure the longer distance. My legs will need to be strong enough to not get tired after 2km and not be too painful at the end of the course. So, for the next few months I will need to be consistent in training and keep a healthy diet.


(Read Koko's view)

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