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February 3, 2020

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"I will 'Never' stop!"

October 24, 2018

Every time I deliver COGY to a new user, there is some sort of drama. 


Today’s new user is a young boy with cerebral palsy. Before delivery, I have done the final “experiment” on his machine. He has been having difficulty grabbing onto the steering handle. The brake lever and wire get on his way every time he try to reach his hand towards handle. So I took them off. Instead, I assembled the brake system onto arm rest.


It was almost 1 year since he tried COGY last time. Does he still remember what to do? 




He did. It took him just a few minutes to get the feeling back, and that was all. The new steering system worked fabulous to him. He controlled it quite precisely. Especially, he really liked making sharp turns, so called “doughnut”. 


We did some trials and errors with feet strapping etc, then he said “I’m getting tired”. “OK. Can you pedal to the rubbish bins and then let’s go back inside”.  


He pedalled to the rubbish bin and now,

“I want to do more”.  Really? “Did you change your mind?” “Yes” 

Then he started to pedal. 


Every time he makes a sharp turn, he says “My favourite turn!!” with huge smile on his face. His turns are really sharp, sharpest ever COGY can perform. Every 5 mins, he shows a bit tired expression, then I say “are you tired?”. Every time I say that, he starts pedalling really fast, saying “No!!”.


It was getting quite chilly after almost 1 hour of pedalling. “Do you wanna go inside?” I asked. The answer was “Never!”. I’m glad to hear this young boy’s honest mind, though we really had to stop after a while. He pedalled almost 2 hours today.

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