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February 3, 2020

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The heavier the condition is, the more COGY brings in to a user.

October 4, 2018

“Look!!  I can exercise!!”, 

this is what I am putting my energy for. Every time I see surprise on user’s face, I forget about all the hardness. I really want to see more of these. 


This word was from a young lady when she was on COGY. She walks short distance with 2 crutches. She also uses a mobility scooter.


Hers is not the worst condition with which the person can use COGY. The severer the condition is, the more COGY brings in for them. Imagine, after being bed-ridden for years, how surprising and encouraging it will be to see themselves moving on COGY (this is an actual example from Japan, COGY’s birth country).


Most of the people who will tremendously benefit from COGY are out of my reach. Some stay in bed, some don’t go out very often. Some don’t have contact to information like this blog. But, COGY is definitely getting more and more known. I look forward to surprising one more person with how much they can do on COGY, and another after. 




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