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February 3, 2020

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Look, I can exercise!! -knee can be loosened by rocking on COGY

October 3, 2018

I visited a green prescription place. They had a meeting this morning, and just finished when I arrived. One of them was a young lady with 2 crutches (and a mobility scooter). I asked her, “Do you wanna try this (COGY)?”. “You can say no” one of them said to her and I also agreed with her “That’s right. It’s totally up to you”. But this actually encouraged her towards adventure. “I’ll have a go” she said.


She had a seat on COGY. I started to strap her feet onto pedals. “mmm, it’s quite tight, isn’t it..”, she says, “Our legs are not suitable for this kind of equipment, you know?”. “Do you feel sore?” I asked. “Well, it’s too late to ask..” she answered in a nice mood. I decided this is a sign of ‘not too bad’, then continued, being a bit cheeky, “it sores because you don’t use them enough.” Her knee was quite stiff.


One foot is FINALLY done (took me about a minute, instead of usual 5 sec). “Other foot will be even harder” she warned me. “Let’s see” I said, but I also became slightly timid, then decided to take a bit of time before I continue with her other foot. 


I started to rock the COGY (with the young lady on it), leaving her 2nd foot unstrapped, just hanging. She is a very bright person and kept on having a nice little chat with people around her. After a while I asked “Do you feel any pain?” pointing her leg/foot strapped on pedal. “No”. OK, then carry on! The rocking motion somehow loosened her knee.


The other foot was actually easier to strap. “OK. Now what?” she says. “Well, I usually sing a song”, I started to hum ‘que sera sera’ together with the rocking movement. Her knees were not too bad at all. Her foot easily started to go around instead of stay rocking movement. 


As soon as COGY started move, she expressed her excitement. “ho-ho- I’m moving!”, “Look, I can exercise!!”, “it’s actually quite comfy”. 




“I can exercise!!”, 

this is the word I am putting my energy for. Every time I see surprise on user’s face, I forget about all the hardness. I really want to see more. 


Hers is not the worst condition with which the person can use COGY. The severer the condition is, the more COGY brings in for them. Imagine, after being bed-ridden for years, how surprising and encouraging it will be to see themselves moving on COGY (this is an actual example from Japan, COGY’s birth country).


Most of the people who will tremendously benefit from COGY are out of my reach. Some stay in bed, some don’t go out very often. Some don’t have contact to information like this blog. But, COGY is definitely getting more and more known. I look forward to surprising one more person with how much they can do on COGY, and another after. 





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