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February 3, 2020

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Inter-professional Practice (client centre)

September 7, 2018


Koko (and COGY) participated into ATBH (all together better health = inter-professional practice and education) international conference at AUT 3-6 September 2018. Here are some key words I found interesting.




“Group” and “team” are 2 different concepts.

Group means technically getting together. Team means sharing a goal and work towards it.


Hierarchy inside the team makes communication harder.

Probably, the person who is supposed to be on top of the hierarchy is the key. Are you brave enough to be humble?


Asking question is not criticising.

By the way, I did not know, people tend to consider asking question as criticising..


we have to be brave when speak up.

Again, I thought it is only me who need huge courage when speaking up.


Stereotype. useful or hindering? 

We tend to have stereotype to certain profession. Does this help? or not?



Equality and equity is different.



The trauma in the history alters Hypothalamus in generations!



In Indonesia, a shaman and a doctor collaborate. 



“Fluid Leadership”

Leadership is not set to one person, but it changes as it goes.



“caring for” and “caring about” are different.



SDM (Shared Decision Makings)



RCC (Relationship-Centered Care)



Practice SBAR on communication





(Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety)




Find a champion

Find a champion (person) and use momentum when we work on a new project. Do NOT stop when the project is moving forward!!




Blend in people's believes together




If the idea is too new or too advanced, it won't be heard first. But after a while, people subconsciously remember the idea and they start to agree with it and start to practice the idea without noticing they heard about it before. (Even though it is not understood now, it does not mean there is no point to talk about it)



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