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February 3, 2020

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Matariki All Wheel Illuminated Parade (by in-motion)

July 22, 2018

2 COGYs and 4 riders joined the parade by Touch Compass, on Saturday 21st July. Yes, we took turns. 




We met at silo park at 4.30pm, guessing it will take almost 1 hour to get ready, and we wanted to finish preparing before it becomes dark. We transferred boys onto COGY, then we decorated ourselves and COGYs.


5.30, the ceremony started closest to the water, then we went closer to the stage. Unfortunately, we could not see the performance on the stage from COGY riders’ eye hight, but we enjoyed the music, atmosphere, etc.


Ceremony finished and crowd started to move forward. We decided to go at the tail, slowly.


It was not just a parade. There were many attractions with illuminated costume, music, dance etc on the way. We stopped, and took time at each spot and enjoy all of them. I especially liked the one in front of Viaduct Event Centre, with dance with fish costume, and song with a singer lighted up with blue colour. 


It was a great opportunity to meet people, too. I saw quite a few people without making any arrangement, all of them are somehow related to COGY’s kind of industry. They got to see COGY in real motion, and gave us warm words which brightened us up.


It was about 8.30pm when we finally got to the Cloud in Queen’s Wharf. Mums ran to McDonald to get dinner, rest of us enjoyed time inside the Cloud. The event was at the climax, people were dancing, laughing, hugging to each other. I am so glad we were there together with all others. 


After the event, mums took a taxi to get vans from Silo Park. After all the crowd has gone, the loading deck was all free for us. It was chilly while we wait for mums. Boys hands were freezing. Um, not quite. The boy’s hands who was not on COGY at that time were freezing, the other boy’s hand were warm, thanks to pedalling COGY. Then I put my gloves on to the cold pair of hands.


It was a very long night, but all of us had a extremely great time. I am glad.


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