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February 3, 2020

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Manuele's Adventure

August 3, 2018

Manuele is another huge fan of COGY. It was his 3rd day on COGY. The first time was in October last year, 2nd time was on Matariki parade a few weeks ago. 


I wanted to see if he survives the trip to the local station. then we picked a date. It was rainy till just before, but as always, it stopped raining and we even saw a blue patch of sky during our pedalling trip.




First, Manuele pedalled to the local bus stop. Probably this part is the hardest. His neighbourhood is reasonably hilly. Also the footpath itself is of course narrower than Viaduct (we pedalled there at Matariki Parade). We have to admit, Manuele still have heaps of allowance to improve his pedalling/driving technique.


Getting on the bus was harder than I thought. I once took a bus in the city, on COGY, and it was no problem. But why this time? I realised the reason later on. It’s because, I used M size last time, and Manuele used L size this time. L and M are same in width, but different in length. Especially in the tight space like a bus, M size will perform much better in manoeuvrability. 


At the local station, Manuele pedalled to the platform. There are slopes. up and down. He pedalled very well for both. But the slope killed Manuele at the end. We went into a dairy to get drinks. COGY with Manuele was just small enough to get through the entrance door, but that was it. I did not even try pushing him go any further. the space was too small for COGY. After our drink stop, we took a bus back home.


From the bus stop to Manuele’s house is up-hill. There are same obstacles as we saw earlier on the day. Manuele definitely got better with handling all these obstacles just by one trip. Watching the surface condition and controlling the direction and speed at the same time, at the very particular timing. I wonder which is more difficult, landing of the airplane, or riding on the curbs on COGY.

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