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February 3, 2020

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Miro pedalled by himself! (a very good day -2)

July 16, 2018

My experience with Kayla was really touching to me.

I almost even cried on the way from there. 


Guess what. This was not the only one.

Another boy amazed me into tear on a same day!


Miro’s mom wanted to take a video of Miro on COGY, to update onto their fundraising campaign. Miro seriously amazed me today, more than any other day.


Miro has been showing his improvement on COGY since he tried it at his first time. He got the idea of pedalling movement, he started to make his effort, and more. Today, he started to pedal, without any help from us at all !!


Again, you may not get it how amazing this is. First of all, Miro’s physical strength is very little. Second, we are’t even sure how big his cognitive challenge is. For example, let’s think about simple pedalling movement. Miro has 2 steps of challenges. The first is cognitive challenge. He has to know what to do. The second is the physical challenge. He has to have the certain strength to achieve the movement. Miro has been showing a little bit of both, but they weren’t enough in total, to move COGY forward. But today was not the case.


As soon as I let my hand go from COGY, Miro started the movement and it moved COGY forward. Both Miro’s mum and I shouted, “What?!””  


I am glad to see his satisfied expression. His smile tells us everything. He made the movement and he enjoyed it. 






I am so grateful for having COGY as my activity. It guides me to the moments reminding me that life is so full of joy. If anyone thinks their life suck, they should come to me and experience COGY with me, and my amazing clients.

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