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February 3, 2020

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a very good day

July 16, 2018

I had an extremely good day and cannot help but updating here.


I witnessed a girl achieving something really really huge. Her name is Kayla.


Kayla had a surgery about a year ago and have problem from her spinal cord since then, not being as capable as she used to, especially with her legs. She is on a wheelchair these days. She tries to pedal on exer-cycle at her physiotherapist’s, but her feet keep on coming off the pedals and she cannot make the most of it. Then her therapist decided to let her try COGY. 


At the first time Kayla tried COGY, we had to push COGY from behind, so that she can at least enjoy the movement. I was not even sure how much she knows what she was doing. But 1 minute, and 2 minutes, as more and more she does, I saw her intention for pedalling.


Kayla tried COGY again, 5 days later. and She amazed us all. She almost couldn’t wait for me to let her go.  As soon as I let my had off the chair in the parking space of the physiotherapists’, she started to pedal by herself, to go forward!


You may not know how amazing it is. For the people with neurological and sometimes even cognitive challenges on top, pedalling by themselves is a huge success for both themselves and for their families. Yes, her dad was really happy for her. 


Kayla pedalled all the way to the other side of parking space (about 50m), and guess what, she also pedalled back! The course even has a slight slope. and She has done all the pedalling. Her dad was waiting for her at the “Finishing line”, and their hug was just touching as…  


For this 15 years old girl, I am glad that she had a moment that deserve a huge hug. 



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