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February 3, 2020

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Conductive Education Taranaki

June 18, 2018

I had a chance to visit Conductive Education Taranaki. They practice conductive education for young clients.


I loved their team work.


They only have 1 conductor. When I was there, 3 others were helping the conductor to carry out the session effectively. The session I observed was a part of a 3 hours session, including lunch. Lunchtime is also part of the session. They have mirrors in front of them when they eat, so that children can observe themselves when they use their body to have lunch. Some children have weaker hand, they are encouraged to keep their hand in a certain position to maintain the natural function, etc. 


Most of the activities seemed quite similar to CE (conductive education) for adult, but with nice twist of song, story etc.

They also learn about emotion. Happy, sad, excited, scared etc. According to the conductor, CE is a holistic way of education. Especially for the children who have had medically hard experiences, knowing about their own emotion is important in order to feel secure and be confident about themselves. 


I really appreciate that they gave me this opportunity. The conductor explained the essence to me and they all made great sense to me. 





One of the girl I saw today uses 2 sticks to walk. As a COGY promoter, my eyes were on her knees and feet. As same as most of the people with walking difficulties, her knee do not go up very high, her feet do not flip up when stepping forward, dragging the floor. These will all improve after repetitive COGY pedalling. I hope she will have a chance to try COGY next time I visit there.


By the way, children there called me "Ms Koko-pops". It's because I introduced myself as "My name is Koko. Do you like Coco-pops, for breakfast? That's my name." Anyway, how cute it sounds when they say "Thank you, Ms coco-pops"!


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