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February 3, 2020

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Stroke Club in New Plymouth

June 15, 2018

COGY visited a stroke club in New Plymouth. 


the stroke club is held at a place called "beach street hall". 

We liked the place because if the nice wooden floor. It makes pedalling much easier to first time users.




From the very beginning I brought the COGY out of the car, it took people's attention. I rode around the COGY inside the hall, when people were still arriving and some people were having morning tea, then I approached people who seemed interested.



Brave person No.1)

This lady uses stick to walk. Her balance is not super. I asked her to stand against the table, holding it, then I slide COGY in from behind. After she started to pedal, she also started to laugh. I also hummed to "que sera sera" melody, then she even started to hum together with me! It was only a few minuets, but what a lovely experience it was! This is how COGY make people to. Cannot help but laugh!


Brave person No.2)

He is tall, and is on a wheelchair, right side paralysed, kicking the floor with his left foot to go forward with the wheelchair. It's painful for me to see this, hemiplegic people using their good side on a anti-natural way. On COGY, of course he seemed very comfortable.


Brave person No.3)

He does not have good balance and walks with green walking frame, with very small stride (about 5cm). He was very fast on COGY, of course. He also enjoyed steering. I was very impressed, how easy he picked up the manoeuvrability of COGY. This is one of the good point of COGY. Leaning how to use, is extremely easy. It does not compromise our natural body reaction.


brave person No.4)

He is very mobile compared to most of other people at the stroke club. He enjoyed COGY ride for a while. He also said, "I live off cumberland street and I usually walk on the street. Do you think it;s possible to ride on cumberland street?" Cumberland street in quite steep. I said "I will try tomorrow and see how it goes". I did, on the following day, and the answer is Yes! It was a hard job, though. COGY has a threshold for the hill angle, above which COGY will slip and won't go no matter how strong the user is. Cumberland hill was just below that point, with my weight (45kg).




By the way, we found, people in New Plymouth are more compact in average than the people in Hamilton. When we visited a stroke club in Hamilton, L size COGY was even too small for many people. On the other hand, I found L size COGY was too big for many people in New Plymouth this time.

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