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February 3, 2020

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Conductive Education and COGY(2)

June 1, 2018

In short words, (and in my understanding) Conductive Education (CE) is a way of practice to gain better physical control. It almost seems like a mild group pilates. CE is beneficial for people with motor neurone challenges, such as CP, MS, stroke, brain injury, Parkinson's etc. Clients practice the natural movement of the body so that it will be adopted into their daily lives. In CE sessions, they emphasise clients' emotional state, so that clients will make the most of the sessions, too.


Now, let's go bak to COGY. 


After observing users on COGY, I realised these points of COGY below very similar to CE:



We use whole body to pedal when on COGY. 

We mainly use legs, but we definitely use core muscle when pedalling COGY. Also, I found it interesting that, when vehicle (COGY) receives some level of shocks from the movement (when turning left/right, when riding on a small rock, when riding over a bump etc), our body respond better than when we are on a powered chair



COGY improves users emotional state.

It feels much more refreshing. Users can feel control on their own. 



The way we use our legs/feet on COGY is similar to the way we walk than the way we ride a bike. We bend the knee, lift up the feet, push the heel (instead of toe), lift up the other knee, ..



During the CE session, we emphasise on keeping the knee parallel and slightly apart. On COGY, pedalling is much easier with proper knee position. Also, after pedalling COGY for a while, the knee position tend to improve. even more, gait also improved with some users.




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