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February 3, 2020

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COGY loves Hamilton

May 23, 2018

COGY always has good experience in Hamilton, for some reason. Today, COGY again had a great day in Hamilton, despite this stormy weather. 


First, COGY visited a stroke club. About 50 members were there for socialising. From the moment COGY went into the venue, people gave us curious eyes. Some people approached us and talked with us. Some tried it out for pedalling and steering. 


Close to noon, a musician came and started playing music on a guitar. COGY enjoyed moving on music, and most of the people just watched with surprised look. No one has never seen this equipment before. I am sure it took them a while to believe what they are seeing.


After the club finished, COGY decided to visit Waikato hospital, to find out about Old People and Rehabilitation section. then lucky us, not only we found the place, but also we had a chance to talk with one of the therapist!!  Hospital is a extremely busy place.  It is almost miracle for me, that we could actually meet a therapist. 




Then COGY and I became happy and a little confident. and visit a service provider's place. They are very famous in Hamilton and I wanted to say hi to them. Unfortunately, the person I wanted to see did not have time to talk, but we were lucky enough not to get soaking wet, because the heavy rain stopped, both when I get off the car, and when I get on a car!


I found a rest home on the way, where one of the gentleman I met at the stroke club lives. Then I went in there to say hi. Again, the receptionist was so nice and connect us to the nurse leader!!  It is truly incredible compared to that I am usually just told to leave the name card and go. 


Hamilton, COGY really loves you.

Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton.



Oh by the way,  there is another thing I felt extremely lucky today. In this changeable weather, it stopped raining every time I had to walk outside. Can you believe??!!

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