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February 3, 2020

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steering development on its way

April 21, 2018

Miro is definitely getting better at pedalling COGY. He is definitely pushing the pedal.

Now, steering. Unfortunately, he cannot grab steering handle properly. Then his mum thought, "if we can have a bar in front to control, then Miro can grab it and it will be even better for his posture, too".

What a great idea! Then I went to a DIY shop.





Here is the result. I stole a steering unit from another sample COGY, then we put a long bar between the 2 steering units. Actual steering wire are attached to only one steering unit. the second one is only for holding the bar in position. This system has quite an easy structure. and it works fabulous! I was amazed by myself when I tried this system, how easy the steering is.


We are still working on how we can make it even easier for Miro (and any other people with similar condition on arms). What to do to make the grips more stable. What to do to relate the body movement and steering movement more naturally.


Newest updates will be here. Don't miss it!







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