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February 3, 2020

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Recovery from acute lumber pain, and COGY (2)

March 12, 2018

As for COGY, I found it small enough to use inside the house. Bathroom door etc is tricky and I had to give up going further every now and then, but it's OK as temporary rehab tool. I can imagine, it will be much easier in the wheelchair accessible house, with wide bathroom and low kitchen bench etc. Many people says, the steering unit will be on the way when we use table, but it's not, according to my experience. People ways the pedal part is far too long forward and it will bother getting close to sink etc, but it didn't. i can just access there on my side, like people do on any other type of wheelchairs.



Using COGY really encouraged me to do the daily activities such as washing the dishes etc, instead of being lazy and making the injury as excuse. There was really no pain at all while peddling COGY. Physiotherapist told me to move as much as I can. She even recommended going out for bike. But biking is a bit too scary for me. It'll be OK while peddling, but when I stop, I will feel pain on my back and may fall.


COGY worked perfectly. There is no pain for pedalling. Also, I don't have to get changed or going somewhere (swimming pool for water walking, for example). Just doing the daily thing in my house can help me recover. No extra effort required!


Every time after pedalling COGY for a while (1-2 mins), I felt much easier to stand up. Then whenever I felt pain, I pedalled.


People may think the house is too small for pedal around. It's not. My lounge is small. I pedalled forward and backward for 3-4m, which is the longest clear distance in my house. Also, just rocking our selves on COGY only takes 50cm plus or so, and it works great. Even physiotherapist was amazed with my recovery. 

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