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February 3, 2020

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Recovery from acute lumber pain, and COGY (1)

March 12, 2018

I hurt my lumber. According to the physiotherapist and the acupuncturist, it's an injury mainly on the joint between spine and pelvis. I missed a step when I was going down the step radder and landed awkwardly, which caused this problem.


(from facebook post) 



This time, I found some of my recovery pattern, then I would like to share here.

While I was on my recovery, I mainly did paper works inside my house.

I usually do plank for my first thing in the morning, to wake up my core, but I could not do this at all after the injury.



-For the first 3 days, I kept on lying position on my stomach to do paper work. I could not do plank at all, because of the pain on my back/pelvis.

-For the next 3 days before I could stand for reasonable lengh of time, I used COGY inside the house. I did the paper work on the table, sitting on COGY, and make sure to pedal every now and then (probably about every 10 mins). I managed to do plank, but I had to be very carefully otherwise it was too painful for my lumber. and it was only for about 10 sec.

-after I reasonably recovered, I used high stool when I sit. For doing paper work, I used kitchen bench (higher) instead of table. I used high stool and make sure one of the hip joint is straight while I sit, just like standing position. I could do plank almost no problem.



-There was almost no recovery on the night I had beer.

-There was almost no recovery on the night when I did not have dinner

-I could be pain-free for a while every time after I did plank.

-I had dramatic recovery after I had ham (only ham!) for dinner, and no beer.

-I made a dramatic recovery after sleeping almost all day (I was awake only 9-10am, and 4-8pm).


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