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February 3, 2020

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January 25, 2018


Lydia lives in Taranaki. She is trying out COGY since earlier this month. I asked her to write a blog about her experiences. We can see many tips from the articles. Especially this article is interesting to me.


"I biked to reception and back with one foot in a splint and the other in a small shoe with a shoelace to bend my ankle. This invention is not very effective, although it prevents my ankle paining from being straight. However, most of the force through that leg goes beyond the pedal, so my biking is not very efficient."


I usually try shoe lace trick for the people whose ankle is not strong enough and foot keeps on dropping off. I thought using splints may make our ankles lazy. But hey, read further for her article.


"I biked on Cogy this afternoon, and went to reception and back, but it was easier than last night. I wore both splints so the force of my leg had more power because the ankle was supported in a bent position. I had more pedal power. It was less exhausting and used more muscles."


Wow. This feedback is extremely precious to me.


By the way, she also writes,

"I am wearing plasters and foam to prevent more blisters."

On another article, she says,

"It is getting faster to use, easier to pedal and keep my knees from knocking each other, and less painful on my ankles."


She has been experiencing serious pain on her ankles from shin splints digging into her skin, probably because the splints do not fit her any more. Luckily, Lydia is getting new splints very soon. I look forward to her report with them.





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