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February 3, 2020

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Amy likes supermarket

December 31, 2017


I saw Amy again. The main purpose is to find out if her mu likes the rear assistive stick. She did.


Off course, we enjoyed pedalling around. First 15 mins was simply pedalling around the parking space, with my singing. I need to practice more songs, because the only song I know the lyrics is "row row row your boat" and only the first phrase.. 


After 20 mins, I came up with the idea of using chalk and draw things in the ground. I draw some summerly objects. Again, I need practice.. Jelly fish? or an ant? I am not sure these drawings are attractive enough for a 12 years old girl.





After that, we went into Countdown supermarket just beside the car park. Amy kept on looking at right and left of the aisle. I can tell, she was much less bored compare to how she was to my song/drawing..


COGY is lower on the seat than other chairs. I wonder what Amy found from the different hight of view.

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