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February 3, 2020

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Richard on COGY (day 2)

December 11, 2017

Unfortunately, Richard was sick for a week, haven't been on COGY. He was feeling a bit better toady. Plus, Koko told that I was coming today to see his progress, which may have pushed him a little bit.


Here is the video of today.



We've done a block, for about 900m! When Richard's helper mentioned about pedalling to the shops, which is about 300m away, I thought "mm, it may be too far.." But it wasn't. Richard easily did. We had quite a hill on the second half of the block. We (Koko and Richard's helper) pushed COGY from behind on the slope. Yet, it was a tough job for Richard.


After finishing a block, Richard still enjoyed pedalling on the driveway, turning at the end and coming back. Tina, Richard's partner, was very sensible. "Probably that's enough for today. Don't over-do", she said. Exactly! She is much better than me, watching the amount of exercises. This sensibleness is the key for long term usage of COGY, and get more benefit out of it! 


After COGY, Richard's helper gave him some more exercises and massages. His arm movement is pretty good. But his leg, especially the ankle still has much to improve. I hope to see any change after a while of COGY usage.


By the way, you can see on the video, Richard gets hundreds times more repetition out of the exercise on COGY with less exhaustion, compared to walking. Remember, it's safer, less worrying for carers, too.

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