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February 3, 2020

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Richard started trial

December 4, 2017

Richard lives in a quiet area in One tree hill. He started his a month trial from today. Richard had a stroke about 3 years ago, which affected right side of his body.




Richard tried COGY 2 times in the past.


The first time was in August, on a cold day. Richard was in his shorts. He has a problem in his speech, just like many other people who had stroke on left half of their brain. He seemed to be a very determined person. Even with his limited words, he express yes and no, and more. He will never do what he does not agree.


Before he got onto COGY, Richard wanted to check it first. I popped onto COGY and showed him what it does. Next, after I popped out, Richard had a very close examination type of look all over COGY. Then finally, he transferred himself onto it.


Unfortunately, M size was too small for him. Then we agreed to try out L size, when it comes.


One day in September, Richard tried L size. It was a little better than the last time. But we also found some problems to solve. 


First of all, the pedal straps are too small and did not hold his foot properly. The seat back was also too low. We agreed to wait until the seat back modification will be done and Richard would try COGY for a month.


Then finally today, I visited Richard with COGY. Richard's house's location is perfect for COGY beginner. On top of gentle hill. It means, Richard can go down the hill with less energy required, while his knee etc will be used to the movement. It will be slight up-hill on the way back, but it will be much easier than the other way round.


Richard pedalled about 5-10 mins today, for about 200m in total. Well done, really. The last time he tried it out, his right knee kept on falling outward and it was hard for him to use his strength for pedalling. But this time, his knee kept aligned, thanks to the exercises he does every day.


The only concern from me is that, steering around inside the house is quite tricky. We'll try an "assistive stick" and see how it goes. I also hope, he will become confident after a while, to transfer himself onto COGY anywhere using his stick. Today, we used dining table to hold onto while transferring. pedalling and steering around inside the house from dining to outside, was quite tricky and very nerve-braking, especially for me because the paint of the house is very nice and new. I did not want to make any mark from COGY activities.

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