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February 3, 2020

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GIVE AWAY! 2x Entry for "Round The Bays 2018" on Sunday 4th March 2018

November 23, 2017

Round The Bays(Auckland) is New Zealand's largest fun run/walk event. And, the course is totally COGY friendly (flat and smooth), 8.4km. There will also be many attractions to amuse our eyes/ears on the course. Don't forget about the delicious ice cream at one of the eastern bays, too.



Meghan started training for this Round The Bays with Koko. Meghan is usually on a wheelchair. Although we are still strangling with only 500m, we are excited with this big challenge. 


Why not encourage your mate/family with walking difficulty and experience the beauty of Auckland together?



This give away is for 1x pair.

-2x Entry (one for the person on COGY, the other is for the supporter)

-3x 1 hour practice session (including pedalling COGY) before the event

-1x COGY for the event day

-2x COGY T-shirt for the day (customised size)



Email kokocogy@gmail.com by Friday 1st December 2017,


-name/age/hight/weight/condition of the person who will be on COGY on the day

-contact detail



Please note:

-We have assistive stick to control the direction from behind (by a supporter). Users who is not confident with their hands movement are also able to do Round the bays.

-This lower limbs condition will be the borderline to complete Round The Bays without hard training.

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