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February 3, 2020

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Get a good allen key

November 21, 2017

A good allen key is the KEY for the supporters (of COGY users) to like COGY even more.


There are 3 tools I often need.

-Allen key 8mm

-big screw driver (-)

-pliers (with thick head)


You'd better have a good allen key, but as for other 2, it will more likely only me who needs them every now and then.





Standard COGY comes with small and basic allen key, but I recommend this one in the pic.


It's much more stable and easy to use, speeds up everything. The only problem could be, as you see, the top round part of the shorter side is already broken. It happened when I tried to loosen a screw to adjust the angle of the steering unit. This particular screw has to be really tight, otherwise steering part itself may turn and will not work when user wants to turn the direction. If you know tough and strong allen key, please comment below! (So far, there are no problem with this tipped allen key, though)


We use allen key when:

1. taking steering part off for fitting it into a small space.

2. adjusting the chain tension (tightening up when it become loose)

3. adjusting the angle of steering part according to the users preference (if you share COGY between 2 or more people)

4. swapping the steering parts from one side to the other(right<>left). (if you share COGY between 2 or more people)


Other 2 tools than Allen key are for adjusting the back handle hight. This usually only happens when people try out COGY to see if it suits them, which mean it's probably only me who needs them regularly.


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