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February 3, 2020

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Round the Bays?

November 4, 2017

I cannot help but write about this exciting plan!


I have been thinking, "Is there any athletic event that we can participate on COGY?".

I found one. Round The Bays in Auckland. It is a 8.5km event. All flat course, with sealed road. 

Isn't it perfect for COGYs?


Then I emailed one of my COGY clients, Meghan.

"Hi, Do you want to do Round The Bay on COGY?".

I did not expect too much, but look, she replied,

"I would love to give it a go".

Isn't it exciting? This one sentence made my day, week and probably my month and my whole summer.


Our journey starts now. It won't be easy, I have to admit. We need careful training / treatment etc for Meghan so that she does not hurt herself. But both me (Koko) and Meghan are quite adventurous, and very determined. 


I hope to see you all on Tamaki drive, on the event day.



 (photo is Round the Bays-Wellington)


(names in this article are all made-up apart from COGY and Koko)



If you are any of below, willing to support us, please let us know.

-personal trainer



-charity funds

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