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February 3, 2020

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Manurewa garden

November 1, 2017

COGY visited Auckland Botanic Gardens (Manurewa Gardens). (facebook post)

Wide and sealed path, it is very pleasant to pedal around.


Especially I found this sign very helpful.

"wheelchair-un-accessible" sign.​

For example, that bridge there is too steep.



This path is also too steep especially at the edge.

Yes, I tried and COGY slipped.



This slope seemed quite steep, but it did not have the un-accessible sign. then I tried to pedal. the answer is..

it is do-able!

I was impressed how curate these signs are.




Just please watch out.

Exception is this area, focused on young people.

There are some path which is not wheelchair-accessible, without the important sign. But I have to admit, going along the winding path is exciting and felt like I was on a treasure hunting adventure!




Other that, everywhere is pretty much pedal-able.

You can also go very close to the water, too.


By the way, this is my favorite tree. It's in African section. Go find this!












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