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February 3, 2020

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Knee extension

October 24, 2017

Today, I went to an intermediate school with COGY, to see a boy called Mike and therapists. Mike has cerebral palsy. He tried COGY before, and loved it. This time, we met at the school so that we can ask for professional advices from physiotherapists/occupational therapists.


COGY's frame is tough and solid, but the seat and back structure is all made by fabric belt, adjusted by velcro. Then we can adjust the hight/length by loosening the belt, or using extra cushion.


First, we used the back and seat cushion from Mike's powered chair. His upper body seems much more stable with all those supportive equipment on the seat-back. Therapists advised us, "Mike's leg can be a bit more straight. It seems the seat is limiting the movement." Then we tried the COGY's standard seat cushion.


Finally Mike showed us the best ever ride.

"Zezus, This is the best ever extension I've seen. His leg has never been straight like this!!". This is the voice I heard from the physiotherapist. I'm glad. Mike was also glad, his family were also glad. We were all very excited.



photo: the special cushion Koko made, adding a extra piece of foam. This prevents the user's bottom from sliding forward.

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