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February 3, 2020

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Boy racers

October 22, 2017

COGY and I visited Elevate National Camp (Christian Disability Trust) in Totara Springs Christian Centre. We were offered the tennis court for rides and some young boys visited us. I cannot really explain how much fun we had there. 


During this camp, each camper has a "Body" who spend most of the time together, instead of their usual carer. When I talked to some of the boys on powered chairs, their "Body"s were quite skeptical. "Um, I am not sure Maui can do that". But I keep on. "Oh come on, off course he can. Hi Maui, do you wanna try?" Maui shows us the expression of "Yes". I almost drag them to the tennis court.


Then Maui's turn. We transferred Maui to COGY, put the pedals ready for him, parking break is off. "OK. It's all yours now." Then he shot out! He did not need any explanation. He just started pedalling. Even I was surprised. When I said earlier on "off course he can", I was actually not 100% sure. Some people need a little bit of push from behind, due to the lack of strength on their legs. From the way Maui looks, I was only half confident. 


His Body (Mark) was really impressed. Mark took videos so that Maui can show them to his family when he go back home. Mark was on Maui's electric chair, "Hey, you pedal backwards faster then your chair goes!". We had so much fun. 


We also did a race. Maui and another boy, Brett was on COGY, me hopping on left foot only, Braden (Brett's Body) sitting on Brett's walker front side back. total 4 of us. Mark is the MC, "We are having competition… (my English does not catch up his great announcement, then I stop here) ". With the great MC and some upbeat music, our race was an actual battle, very close game. I don't remember who won, but I was the last, exhausted.


Dinner time is coming close, then we had to pack up. Brett did not want to get off, then I asked him to pedal COGY to my car. After a while, Braden (Brett's Body) came back to me. "Hi, just want to say, Brett really loved it. He even says, 'what do we do after dinner? Can we go bak there?'". It's really nice of Braden to come back to me just to say this. He keeps on "those guys will remember this experience forever. You really did a great job". This is why I work on this project. I am glad that I came to this camp.




Names in above writing are all made up, apart from COGY and Koko.

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