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February 3, 2020

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We love Bike shops

August 13, 2017

-broken barrel adjuster


These can be all done at your local bike shop.




COGY experienced some injuries these days.


First of all, I was not careful enough when putting COGY into boot, and 

I even didn't drive carefully enough. Then Cogy slide into the boot and banged the brake parts onto the rear hatch. That parts called "barrel adjuster" bent, and broke after a while. Fair enough. Lucky no one was injured.


Next, when I was cleaning the wheels of COGY, the bottom of valve stem started to leak. Probably I banged it onto something when I turn COGY over. 


COGY went to bike shop twice in these 2 weeks. Many of the consumables of COGY are replaceable with standard bike parts, which is great convenience for us. Thank you, the people at the bike shop, for quick repair and reasonable pricing.



Please give us your feedback, whenever you needed repair on COGY. COGY is still relatively new, including other countries in the world. The manufacturer needs our feedback for better production.



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