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February 3, 2020

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Hip joint issues and COGY

August 15, 2017

After puncture repair, COGY went back in INRF.


One of the client at INRF who is a big fan of COGY came to me with a huge smile and ask me for help to hop onto COGY. Another lady was watching it. It was her first time to see COGY.


"That must be very good to keep my hip going.."

Definitely. Then, she tried COGY after her conductive education session.


At first, she was not sure how to use her legs and feet to on COGY. (She has a neurological condition and she uses sticks to walk around, she cannot stand up from a chair without holding to something and usually somebody pulls and helps her up. Also, it may probably be long time ago last time when she pedalled anything ..) But, after me pushing her for 5m, she started to pedal, being responsible for her own speed. Also, she quickly learnt how to control direction. By 20m point from the start, it was all under her control. 


She enjoyed pedalling in a parking space for a while, where we have a slight slope.

Then she enjoyed 10m of forward and backward on the corridor.


Straight after she started pedalling herself, she claimed that, her hip joint keep on catching, which makes pedalling hard. Then I adjusted the seat back depth, by re-doing the velcro, to make a bigger angle between her trunk and legs. After that, everything was very smooth.


For the people with hip joint problem, it's usually better not to make sharp angle between trunk and legs. COGY can be one of the least-suitable equipment for those people. I am glad that the easy adjustment made it work and we had a great time.




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