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February 3, 2020

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Do not overdo

August 9, 2017

COGY is fun. Therefore, people tend to overdoing COGY, especially for the first week or 2.


Potential demerit of overdoing COGY:


-no energy left for housework etc

-hurting ankle, knee, hip etc

-hurting other parts of the body because of tiredness


How to avoid overdoing COGY:

-limit the every day use depending on the users ability/fitness.

-monitor the exercise time, and try stopping before feeling tired.

-observe knees. If knees start to fall inward/outward, then it is a signal of tiredness.

-observe ankles. If ankles start flipping, then it is a signal of tiredness.

-rocking yourself on COGY instead of pedalling, so that you can still keep on stimulating your legs without feeling tired.


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