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February 3, 2020

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Angela on COGY (day11)

July 16, 2017

Angela is getting more and more confident with transferring herself between COGY and power-chair, by her own. it is almost art for me, how she organise everything around her in the right way. For her, with limited ability on all her 4 limbs, the challenges even in her daily life are way beyond my imagination. 

She also showed off how good she is to control the direction when she get through the sliding door, just wide enough for COGY and her. It's not even complete flat, but she use the momentum and nice direction control so that it seems even easy at a glance.

She showed me how better she became on the slope, both going down (speed control on going down is another art) and up, and zigzag. And at the end of the show, she even showed me that, she is now able to pedal up the slope to the deck, which is really steep (steep enough to challenge my healthy legs)!! She used her arm to assist her legs, too, and took her 2-3 attempt, but she did it! This is actually amazing. According to her, she succeeded twice before. Last time when I visited her, she said to me "I'll text you when I successfully pedal up this ramp!" and she didn't, which I am a bit sad for..


After that, we enjoyed COGYing on flat surface, repeating forward and back(5m each). That was also fun, while we talk about the next stage.


I really enjoy seeing her progress step by step. I am so looking forward to visiting her next time. 




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