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February 3, 2020

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The moment Miro learnt how to pedal

July 3, 2017

COGY is back in Auckland. Many clients at INRF enjoyed pedalling COGY today. Miro is one of them. Miro is 23 years old, with cerebral palsy. He cannot talk, then he express yes/no using his body.


The first time Miro tried COGY was more than 3 months ago. I remember his expression of "What?!". Today, Miro showed the same expression again, and more.


We took him out of the building, to the parking space, which has a slight slope. We pushed Miro and COGY to the top of the slope and released them towards the bottom. They moved forward for a moment, then stopped.


"Push, Miro" I said, pointing one of of his feet. Then he pushed!!


You may not know how wonderful it is for us, to see Miro pushing the foot which he is supposed to push. During the session of Conductive Education at INRF, Miro is often asked to bend his right/left leg, and stretch it out. Sometimes he does, sometimes doesn't. I was not sure how much Miro understands the instruction.


Today, on COGY, I really saw his toe moved a little bit and his foot pushed on the pedal.

Miro seemed excited to have moved forward by pedalling, using his own legs/feet.


Milo's mum was very pleased. Me, too. 

It is a milestone for us, that Miro actually learnt how to pedal.



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