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February 3, 2020

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Dance with Katie (on COGY)

June 25, 2017

I visited Katie on Sunday.


We played on COGY for a bout 5 mins. We transferred Katie on COGY and I pushed her around the house and to the deck. We also "danced" on COGY. 


Dancing on COGY is one of my favourite. We can pedal forward-backward on COGY, and also using the direction handle is fun. My favourite is "row row row your boat..". I repeat going forward(F) and backward(B) on almost the same spot.  F(row) B(row) F(row) B(your boat) F(gently) B(down the) F(stream) F(-), B F B F B F B B. Make sense? This is the easiest dance without changing direction.


My impression was, Katie was calm on COGY, like being rocked on mum's arm. She seems to be enjoying the movement. I also realised, Katie's knees kept parallel while on COGY. When I saw her a month ago, one of her knees kept on falling inward. But not this time. Katie's mum also mentioned, Katie is getting stronger on her legs these few weeks. I see, that makes sense. 


I probably should video my idea of how to dance on COGY. 

Until then, please keep your eyes here.

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