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February 3, 2020

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Ben (on COGY) (day27)

June 25, 2017

I visited Ben today. 

He proudly showed me how he walks on his walking frame.

Very fast, sometimes kicking the floor and keep his body off the floor, so that he can go forward faster (just like we do with a shopping trolley at a supermarket).

"This is how he walked before the growing pain started", his parents said.

They are glad that Ben is back on motion.


What I noticed is his gait. His toes, ankles, knees are all aligned straight. He still doesn't put his heels on the floor, but I can see good strength on his toes, kicking the floor to go forward.


Also his posture on his upper body. His body is very much upright, making the most of his hight, instead of leaning forward to use the body weight for going forward. All the parts of his legs are happily holding his weight, I imagined.


"Do you like how you see from your standing posture?" I asked.

The answer was of course "Yes".

I also said, "You will be as tall as your mum in 5 years", then he said,

"No".  What? what do you mean?

"In 3 years" he continued.

Everyone laughed.


Now he can reach the fridge door to get his favourite drink. 

He can climb up to toilet bowl by himself, whenever he want.

All these were very good news on a rainy winter day.



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