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February 3, 2020

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Ben on COGY (day16)

June 14, 2017

I (Koko) visited Ben today. 


What surprised me most is that Ben pedalled down the wheelchair ramp at school, with very good speed control, without using the brake lever.


2 weeks ago, on the day I brought COGY to him, he went down the same ramp and, crushed onto the wall. It was just a small crush, and yes, I was there calmly watching him, knowing it would never damage him but was not sure if the principal would be happy with scratched wall. and I'm sure his mum was frightened.


This time, I was right behind him, with my hand on the COGY back-rest, ready to grab it in case he lose control. But he was totally fine. Nicely slowly he went down the slope. 


"How did you learn the control?" I asked.

"I practiced at the Hamilton Gardens".


Children, they learn so quickly.




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