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February 3, 2020

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Ben on COGY (day9)

June 7, 2017


Ben is a 10 years old boy, with paresis on his legs from CP. He used to walk with walking frame, but mostly on a wheelchair for these few months. Today is his 9th day with COGY. Here is the update from his mum.




"He walked the whole day with his walking frame at school today."


Really? Whole day? He was on his wheelchair for whole day a week ago.


"We suggest he starts with half days this week (started yesterday) then try whole days next week. But he chose to walk whole day today. We are impressed. He is showing a lot more determination than he has shown in a very long time."


Determination. What a beautiful word for anyone who has a dream, goal and hope.


I am so looking forward to seeing Ben again, in a week. Am I going to see a person who seems older (maturer) than 2 weeks before? He was already maturer than 3 days before when I brought COGY to him at the second time (for a month trial). I am learning a lot about children and their potential, through this COGY project.




"Ben is riding COGY in the house now. He was too tired and sore at school earlier today (from whole day walking). He had a rest day on Monday this week because he was not well, but was disappointed he missed the day. He really enjoys his time on COGY."


To see how Ben enjoys being on COGY while watching TV,

check out this video.

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