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February 3, 2020

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Ben on COGY (day 9) -mum's report

June 8, 2017

"Wed 7th June


Ben used his walking frame for the whole day today (Koko's note: What??!! Whole day? He didn't use walking frame at all 2 weeks ago?!) including a long walk half way down the school field (Koko's note: using walking assistance equipments is usually much harder outside, especially on the grass, compared to the smooth surface like floor or tile), which is amazing improvement, but maybe a little too much. He is very tired.


We left COGY at school so he could use at lunch time, but he was a little nervous without us. After school, he tried to ride on COGY, but he struggled with pain.


​He came home and rested a while and is now riding COGY like a Champion (Koko's note: LOL video).  He really enjoys his time on COGY as it gives him a sense of freedom nothing else gives him.  He can go fast like other children. He is disappointed he only last 15 minutes today.



I think with all the exercises he did today, he did very well."


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